Author I'm looking for an manga...
Hi, everyone. It's the first time I use forums, so excuse me for any mistakes.
I'm looking for an Shoujo (pretty sure it was shoujo) manga about an princess who married a prince from another reign. She didn't like the idea of marrying him, but she did for the peace and stayed on his kingdom. In the end of the first or second chapter, she has an vision of someone killing the prince while using the family/reign ring and she stars to investigate.
Also, if it helps, I remember an funny scene in the very start where her servant (I think??? It was someone from her kingdom) was holding her hands while talking to her and the prince were stressed about such "indecence" and the princess was super mad about it.
Thanks for any help in advance! <3
Since no one else responded:

browse through at your own leisure (tags - princess/es , arranged marriage ; porn excluded)

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I don't really remember if those happened in the first chapter but if it's having "visions" and arrange marriage it kinda sounds like;