Author Hide Hentai does not hide Hentai History
Avatar firefish5000 4 days ago
Hentai shows up in reading history, even when Hide Hentai is selected. NSFW, NSFL. Just imagine a coworker or family member peeking over your shoulder and seeing your hentai history. It's a bad enough of an experience even if we ignored the legality of the primary types of hentai that is uploaded to this site. And the confirmation above that YOU read it..... let's not think about this anymore... Please hide it.

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Avatar Deathglass 4 days ago
Stop reading hentai, problem solved lmaooo
Avatar xts 4 days ago
I didn't even know we had hentai here. mature/smut =/= hentai
Avatar firefish5000 4 days ago
If you don't see the little red H next to any manga, then:
1) Click on Settings cog, between quick search and your username at the top of the screen
2) Click the dropdown menu next to the word "Hentai"
3) Click "View all" or "View H only"

What else would I do with my life!?
Get an actual GF? Screw YOU? I don't think either of those are viable options.
This is all I have ;(
Avatar xts 4 days ago

OHH lol. the more you know 😂 thanks
Avatar firefish5000 4 days ago
np, I have a lot of "Experience" in that field after all. I'll teach you more if you want 😘
jk, seriously, I mainly read isekai and fantasy.....
...No, seriously....

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Avatar firefish5000 4 days ago
As far as implimentation goes. It seems mangadex only stores the last 10 read chapters.
The easiest method would be to just hide read hentai chapters in history, returning an empty history if all you read was hentai. Vice versa for the show only hentai option.

A more complex alternative would be 2 seperate histories for hentai/non-hentai. But that sounds cumbersome and unnecessary. Less is more.

The first option could easily be extended to support the planned tag based filtering. Though, I am doubtfull that the scope of that feature should extend here.