Author The Manga Where a Crossdressing Cosplayer Gets a Brother
Avatar phil777 5 days ago
wahahaha. XD That moment when your first language is french and you'll understand everything.
Avatar Aeremis 5 days ago
@phil777 umu pour une fois que sa sert xD

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Avatar greyhud90 5 days ago
what is he saying?
Avatar sacrificial 5 days ago

im guessing with basic french i had in ancient middles school

you are pretty/beautiful
what's your name?
Who are you?
Avatar Brightamethyst 5 days ago
I love this recent trend of hilariously long but highly informative titles.
Avatar JaneJeon 5 days ago
> "recent"
Avatar gothicshark 5 days ago
google is my friend. Google Translate that is.
Avatar xXPenisXx 5 days ago
concern but also an erection
Avatar Deathglass 5 days ago
I like where this is going
Avatar yelisei 5 days ago
Avatar WingZeroHeeroYuy 5 days ago
I feel like we should add in a Fate tag in here somewhere..I dunno. But followed hope he cross dresses other fate characters soon.

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Avatar neorasp 5 days ago
inb4 lawsuits.
Avatar kurisu 5 days ago
@neorasp actually, the volume is a little pricey because of the Fate license. (¥900)
Avatar temuchin 5 days ago
Having both sides is awesome! If raws are hard to come by I hope someone tells us here :3c
Avatar NinjaGoemon 5 days ago
Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhh more of this? Make it a triple.
Avatar Askun 4 days ago
am... i gwt fooled by the cover... i thought this is another fate doujinshi
Avatar Solistia 4 days ago
tfw you use your dual monitors to have Manga on one side and Google Translate on the other side, desperately typing French to see what the heck little bro is saying.
Avatar gothicshark 4 days ago

1. Mangadex on Monitor 1
2. Google Translate on Monitor 2
3. Victory, and even better humor.
Avatar MoonRabbit 4 days ago
Should've translate it altogether or put the translation below the dialog box to avoid being redundant.
Avatar xXPenisXx 3 days ago
It's not gay incest if they're not blood relations.