Author August Contest: Delayed Until Further Notice
Avatar Zephyrus 10 days ago

I have decided to put off MD's contests until September. Not only am I behind (I'm currently 10 days late in getting the contest rolling as of this post) but we're currently dealing with ironing out all the little kinks and annoyances that come with rolling out a new version of MD. I would rather not distract from that effort.

My deepest apologies to everyone that was looking forward to this month's contest. Watch this space for September's Contest!
Avatar BlackGeneral 10 days ago
Avatar jasty 10 days ago
The online voting results in the last contest looked fraudulent. In a field of like 20 entries the first place result had 6 times as many votes as the 2nd place result without being objectively better.

If you do voting again maybe limit it to internal staff like you did for the logo. Or maybe wait for voting on polls to be integrated into forums so a vote is tied to a manga dex account at least.
Avatar _das 10 days ago

I don't believe another contest would distract from the effort in ironing out the kinks in v3. Rather, I feel it might be a high point for the forums in general as it would be a spot of positivity in the generally negative response to v3. Hopefully, you decide to roll out a contest this month as it would fulfill the promise of monthly contests. It would be rather disappointing if that promise was broken after two short contests.

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Avatar Zephyrus 10 days ago
Sorry dude. Just hang on! We'll get around to it eventually.

I had restricted voting to one IP per vote. Obviously, a determined cheat can figure out ways to get around that, but I had no proof that the last vote had been manipulated in that manner.

I would prefer to have voting as open and public as possible to get the community involved even if they don't submit an entry, but I'll have to think of alternative solutions or ask Holo how difficult it would be to implement a polling system in the manner you described.

You bring up fair points but I still disagree. Perhaps if I come up with something over the weekend I'll change my mind but I would rather wait until the v3 issues have died down.
Avatar floatingsunfish 8 days ago
Requiring an MD account for voting sounds great so we can all rest assured that cheating has been reduced to a considerable minimum (although a very determined cheater can still pull off relatively uncool things, but let's just say they earned that one if they manage to beat the entire community). Hopefully this won't be too hard to implement, but yeah, I agree -- ironing out all the current kinks should be top priority.

Also, don't be pressured about having to start an August contest if conditions are not favorable. I'd rather wait a whole month (or longer) than inconvenience people who've dedicated their time and effort on something that should ultimately be for fun.

September, October, doesn't matter when the next contest is. Fact is that things are going to get better soon and these contests, while extremely fun to participate in, should not pressure the staff into dropping something they should be handling first.

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Avatar Teddy 5 days ago
We have had a drawing competition and a typesetting competition, what next? A translation competition or Proof reading? :)
Avatar Georgie 10 hrs ago
Do a contest that involves making a short comic about mangadex.