Author New Reader: Option to completely hide side bar and progress bar
I much prefered the absolute simplicity of the old reader. While I am sure some people like the new features, I personally find them quite distracting. Minimizing the side bar is generally fine but an option to completely hide it would be better. Same with the progress bar, it's very bright and the animation is distracting, particularily on the dark theme, not to mention it takes up verticle space that I'd much rather go to the manga page.


It looks like the progressionbar can be disabled in the "new" settings panel. Why are there three (or more?) places for settings? :(

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It's only available for Firefox, but I wrote an extension that (among other things) allows you to completely hide the side bar. Doing so also re-centers the image (instead of being offset because of the minimized side bar).

The extension also allows you to anchor the progression bar to the bottom of the page (rather than the bottom of your display), so you can still have the progress bar without it eating up your vertical space (However, if you have the Reader Fit set to "Container" or "Height", it'll eat up your vertical space again. On "Width" or "No Resize", it will not.). If you're happier with it gone completely, though, then this feature wont matter to you.

If you're interested, I made a post about it here: