Author Isekai Tensei Soudouki
Avatar garnzlok 2 mo ago
@lysanderstreason isn't that because Bard sounds like a terrible name for a person to have. Plus he isn't a poet, musician, or story teller so he isn't even a bard.
Avatar LysandersTreason 2 mo ago
Bard is a great name. For example:

Bard, known also as Bard the Bowman, and less chiefly, Bard the First, was a man of Laketown, the slayer of the dragon Smaug, and the founder and first king of the new Kingdom of Dale. He was succeeded as King of Dale by his son, Bain.
Avatar Nolonar 2 mo ago
A bard is a professional story teller, verse-maker and music composer.

Balud isn't a bard. That's the problem.

When an English speaker reads "bard", he thinks of the musician. If Balud was a bard, there would be no problem calling him "Bard", because he'd be "Bard, the bard". But he's not.

Although to be fair there are worse names. For instance: "You" is an awful name to use in an English translation, because when you have a character say: "You came!", it could take a couple of seconds until the reader knows who "You" refers to. For any other language, "You" might be a good name, but for English it should be "Yoh" instead.

And so we come back to the bard. Naming the MC "Bard" could end up similarly confusing (though not nearly as confusing as "You"), which might be the reason why his name has been romanized as "Balud".

Frankly, I don't know why they chose to spell his name "Balud", but I don't think "Bard" would've been a better choice.
Avatar gaigous 2 mo ago
......Why must this be monthly? *sobs* WHY!? *Screams of absolute agony*
Avatar fak_boi 2 mo ago
Bard, because Brad wasnt cool enough. Sorry to all the Brads out there.

If his name was actually Bard, then it should have been Baludo. Because Nart is Naruto and Bolt is Boruto.

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Avatar digitalromance77 2 mo ago
lets just leave the name as it is... while i'm agree with nolonar bro about bard is kinda overlapping with english speaker buttt.... lysander bro opinions as a grammar nazi was also logical... seeing that balud's (バルド) name is written in katakana, it supposedly implying that his name is a contracted words taken from foreign words...
and in this case, lysander bro is the right one AS we all know that native japanese don't have 'bard' words in their vocabularies...
while 'Bard' sounds weird and overlapping ONLY for english speakers, readers, and listeners... it is NOT with native japanese as they read バルド as 'BARD' as in the contextual contracted foreign name... and should i remind you, this is a japanese manga written and drawn for their exclusive native japanese readers...
the author doesn't have to and need to be concerned about how people outside from native readers thinks about the naming...
if there are 'pun' lost in translation, then this is the 'name' lost in translation... just leave it as it is... if you're an english readers then you're might want to follow the name suggested by translator... and if you are a WEEABOO then you might stick with 'Bard' just fine...
simple... easy as pie...

EDIT: also the most important thing is the world's setting in this manga which made the naming more logical but at the same time contradicting if not exceedingly unimportant... 'BARD' (バルド) is because the author is japanese, but the world's setup is in somewhere around medieval EU... i mean, seriously? who's in the right mind (in this case EU's nobilities) that would choose 'Bard' as a name for their child, as the 'Bard' also has the same meaning with artisan of low-birth (read: commoner) that doing street performance to earn a little or sometime measly money...
it will be more sensible and acceptable if the author choose 'Bart' バート as a more fitting name for his MC's name along with the world's setting...

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Avatar Whatev 2 mo ago
Besides which, "Bard" would usually be "バード" in katakana. I'm strongly against translating it as "Bald." Probably "Vald" would be the closest reasonable match, but it still seems a bit awkward.

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Avatar kronix 2 mo ago
I started reading with no expectations, I just saw an update and boom.

I though the MC would be the generic Self-Cuck Beta Male MC in most of these types of mangas.

Holy shit, boy was I wrong half way in the chapters.

If you enjoy funny slice of life, action fighting scenes and of course the harem / romance WITH AN MC THATS NOT A BETA then this is the manga for you.
Avatar DemonHide 1 mo ago
Pretty good, I'm enjoying it so far!
Avatar Adieu 24 days ago
Silly mangaka, SAILING DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT... srsly, wtf??
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this arc is really boring for me. :c
Avatar garubezu 10 days ago
yep, boring arc
Avatar JustNatsuki 10 days ago
this arc is really boring for me. :c
yep, boring arc
True irony.
Avatar gaigous 10 days ago
Ahoy Matey!
Avatar herrosenpai 9 days ago
the author and/or scanlators are really dragging out this arc. Especially the damn royalty and ship part. The first few chapters were good