Author Boundary Apocalypse - Starfall
Avatar euoghert 28 days ago
even though i'm the one who created the series page, i don't have account privileges to edit the information 🤦
"Thorne Empire" is supposed to be changed to "Throne Empire". also, the full title is "Boundary Apocalypse: Starfall".
if anyone could help me fix that, it would be greatly appreciated. sorry about that, thanks.

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Avatar marconii2002 22 days ago
Canceled or hiatus from chapter 33 with big cliffhanger.
Avatar euoghert 22 days ago
@marconii2002 it seems there might be a second series in the making with some of the same characters, so I don't think the story ends with this one. also, thanks to whoever edited the series info for me 🙌

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Avatar marconii2002 22 days ago
Then write title this second series
Avatar euoghert 22 days ago
@marconii2002 边际启示录-补天计划, which roughly translates to Boundary Apocalypse: Sky Repair Project. the art style has changed drastically and I'm not sure if they'll do more with it. It was originally released as a bonus chapter of Starfall, although it has its own page on the official site now:

Also, checking again now, I didn't notice that the website says that Starfall is still technically ongoing. It's been about a year since the last update though, so I'm guessing this might be a hiatus before a new arc.
Avatar euoghert 10 days ago
? who changed the series' publication status to cancelled? as far as i know, that's not the case. the creator's blog simply said the manhua has reached the end of "part 1" of the series, so this is likely just a hiatus. or we might even say it's completed, with a sequel series under a new title to come. Boundary Apocalypse: Starfall isn't cancelled.
again, i don't have editing privileges, so i'd appreciate it if someone could fix that. thanks.

edit: thanks so much!

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